Dyscalculia Assessment


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DynamoPost14 Assessment

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DynamoPost14 Assessment

DynamoPost14 is an online Dyscalculia assessment. It profiles the dyscalculia symptoms and maths developmental delays using the evidence based NumberSenseMMR™ framework. The profile identifies specific areas of strength and weakness with recommendations for the assessors and interventionists.


  • Time: approx. 20-30 minutes
  • Independently carried out test.
  • Instantly generated reports.
  • Symptoms of dyscalculia and maths developmental delays.
  • Performance Profile that identifies the areas of strengths and weakness.
  • Raw score.
  • Mapping to Functional Skills measures.
  • Supports inclusive SEN/ALN audit of co-occurring conditions tools.

Maths developmental delays are defined as the Foundation maths skills that are used in everyday situations.

DynamoPost14 is underpinned by a researched and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ framework.

The frameworks provides a three developmental stages:

  • Number Meaning
  • Number Magnitude and
  • Number Relationships

The NumberSenseMMR™ framework enable the detection of Dyscalculia Symptoms and Maths Developmental Delays.

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Dyscalculia Assessment

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