Dynamo Profiler – Post-16 Dyscalculia Assessment

Dynamo Profiler Pro is an online Post-16 Dyscalculia assessment. It profile dyscalculia symptoms and maths developmental delays that are mapped to the functional skills required by higher education institutions and world of work.


  • Time: approx. 20-30 minutes
  • Instantly generated reports.
  • Symptoms of dyscalculia and maths developmental delays.
  • Performance Profile that identifies the areas of strengths and weakness.
  • Raw score.
  • Mapping to Functional Skills measures.
  • Inclusive SEN and ALN support tools.

Maths developmental delays are defined as the Foundation maths skills that are used in everyday situations.

Dynamo Profiler Pro is underpinned by a researched and evidence-based NumberSenseMMR™ framework.

The frameworks provides a three developmental stages:

  • Number Meaning
  • Number Magnitude and
  • Number Relationships

The NumberSenseMMR™ framework enable the detection of Dyscalculia Symptoms and Maths Developmental Delays.

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100 + £19.99 + vat
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Dynamo Profiler Pro
Post-16 to Adults

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We’re very proud to announce that Dynamo Maths has been nominated for several awards. Below are a few achievement awards.
A huge thank you to everyone who has helped in Dynamo Maths’s development over the last few years and to all the schools and teachers who have supported us.

Discover each pupil’s unique developmental number sense strengths and challenges.
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